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Track Your Resource Consumption


Our award winning smart utility management platform helps you track energy, water, and carbon emissions. With real-time data, you can make informed decisions to reduce your utility costs, carbon footprint and operating costs. Get started today!


Efficient and Sustainable

01. Streamlined Management

Our platform provides a streamlined way to manage your utility consumption data. With our agile system, you can easily track your usage and make adjustments to reduce your environmental impact.

02. Cost-Effective

Our platform is cost-effective and provides an efficient way to manage your utility consumption data. By reducing consumption, you can save money on utility bills.

03. Real-Time Analytics

Our platform offers real-time analytics to help you make informed decisions. With up-to-date data on your utility consumption, you can easily monitor your progress and adjust your consumption to meet your sustainability goals.


Get Discounted Rates on EPC Certificates

We offer discounted Energy Performance Certificates (EPC) for buildings onboarded onto our platform. An EPC provides a benchmark for your buildings energy efficiency and is a basis for energy efficiency improvement and carbon emissions reduction

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Use Cases

use cases
Apartment Building


Manage multiple tenants accounts, provide accurate, automated billing and allow tenants to engage directly with the facility managers.

Commercial Building Exterior


Facility managers of large building portfolios can manage the utility consumption billing, automated reconciliation, track carbon emissions and have tenant engagement.

Students on Stairs


Institutional facility managers can keep track of utility consumption across multiple campuses, track energy and water efficiency and monitor utility assets.


About OAR

Our Story

Oelinga Advance Research (OAR) a division of Oelinga has developed a Utility Management Platform for building portfolio managers. Our goal is to help reduce energy waste, conserve water, and decrease carbon emissions.

Our Vision

Our vision is to make sustainability more accessible to building portfolio managers. We strive to make our platform easy to use and accessible to all.

Our Technology

Our platform is built on enterprise-level architecture to provide real-time data and analytics. We use innovative solutions to help you make informed decisions and reduce your environmental impact.




Jane Deor

CEO at ABC Company

“OAR's platform has helped us reduce our carbon footprint and save money. Their real-time data and analytics have been invaluable in making informed decisions. We highly recommend their platform.”

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Schedule a demo with one of our product consultants and see how we can help you achieve your sustainability goals.


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